Septic Septic 5 L

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The bacteria of SEPTIC are in a spores state, the bacteria go into this state in a unfavorable living environment. The spores will germinate in a favorable living environment. Because of this property the product will remain stable for a long time.

SEPTIC is an environmentally friendly product. There are no surface active substances and/or harmful odor and colorants added to the product.

The bacterial strains are non pathogenic bacteria and are harmless for human, plant and animal life. We also check our products for Salmonella and E.coli.

Summary of benefits:
- Improves the operation of the septic tank
- No crust build up
- Prevents unwanted odors
- Simple to use
- 100% Environmentally friendly
- Does not contain Chlorine
- 100% Biological
- No corrosive components



Start dosage 2 liters Septic directly into the septic tank (eg via the toilet).
Then dose 0.5 liters of Septic every month.
Dosage suitable for tanks up to 3,000 liters.

Thanks to it's ease of use, Septic 1 liter is mainly used for maintenance and post-dosing of the septic tank.

This package is sufficient for 2 post-doses.
The mentioned dosage is an advice and is based on a normal occupancy rate.

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