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The perfect water quality in 3 steps

The unique BIOGRO 3 step plan consists out of 3 products of 1L. and is suitable for ponds up to 25.000 L. Thanks to the special formula of BIOGRO the bacteria adhere better to the filter materials. Because of this BIOGRO is ideal for (bead) filters, Japanese mats and plastic beds.

BIOGRO is easy to use, 100% organic and not harmful to humans, plants and animals.

BIOGRO 1 improves the biological balance in your pond.
BIOGRO 2 reduces the toxic concentrations of ammonia and nitrite.
Biogro 3 reduces the organic bottom sludge.


Start dosage
1 Liter BIOGRO biological balance,
1 Liter BIOGRO ammonia and nitrite,
1 Liter BIOGRO bottom sludge directly in the filtration system.

Then dose
0.5 Liter BIOGRO biological balance,
0.5 Liter BIOGRO ammonia and nitrite,
0.5 Liter BIOGRO bottom sludge every 4 weeks.

This package is sufficient for:
1 start-up cycle or 2 post-doses.

The mentioned dosage is an advice and is based on a normal fish population with a regular diet.
You can dose the 3 steps simultaneously in your pond. The 3 products work together on the biological balance.
When adding a BIOGRO product, you should stop the UV lamp and / or the ozone device for 24 hours. The use of pesticides and / or chemical algae pesticides is strongly discouraged.


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