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The key to Microbac product line is the ability to manufacture unique products or product lines as “Customized” products.



Unique Products
Some products are unique in nature and must be formulated specifi cally for an individual application. If a wastewater treatment facility has a very unique problem, or if a soil contamination project has a unique chemical contamination, a unique product may be designed specifi cally for that project. Our route to market is customer focus, fl exibility and a quick turnaround time.

Proprietary Formula
Microbac bioproducts can design, manufacture and blend a unique proprietary formula for any current Microbac product, or, at the customer’s request, can manufacture a product formula provided by customer. This new formula is contractually considered a “proprietary formula” and can only be distributed to the contracted customer. (NDA is applicable.)

Some of our current products
We have conducted research in fields of cleaning, odour treatment and substitution of chemicals by use of biological products.
We have had products launched over the past 20 years, that can replace the use of chemicals.

We have developed branded products such as Septic (Septic environment), Biogro Koi Pond industry and Clearh20 for Waterreservoirs and driplines

logo Microbac

We have created a librabry of strains that contain various sorts of bacteria and fungi. The strains are produced into mixes that can be used for treatment. We produce products in fluid, powder, tablets or any form that is easy for use.

Production capacity:
We have a production capacity of 80.000 m3 per month for a singular product. We can scale up in order to produce bigger amounts.
Leadtime is 3 weeks average.

Microbac Bioproducts B.V. Reseller of 100% biological products.

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